Family Reunions for Millennials: 6 Tips to Make it Memorable

In the age of social media, family reunions may seem like a distant relic of the past. Why get together with your family when you can just keep up with their photos and posts online? Although you can keep up (somewhat) by following along online, it’s really hard to share stories and feel the connection to all of your loved ones through wires and screens. And in order to keep this time-honored tradition alive, at some point the younger generation (millennials) have to take over. Here are a few tips to get that younger generation into the family reunion spirit and keep the tradition going for years to come.

1) Think about money

From location to drinks and food, it isn’t going to be a totally free affair. So, make sure you set a budget that is realistic and achievable for the whole family… Even those in the younger generations that have to pay their own way to get there, but may not have very deep pockets just yet.

2) Put together your list of invitees

It may seem simple, after all it’s just family. The truth is that along with your family, they will bring spouses, kids, and friends. Make sure you are prepared to welcome all guests (family or not) with enough food, drinks, and prizes for everyone.

3) Pick a Venue


Venue choice is critical because it dictates the type of activities your group will be able to enjoy. If you are looking to have something other than a “family meeting,” pick a venue that has something for every age group. Outdoor activities, such as horseback riding or fishing, appeal to a wide range of ages.

4) Make a family tree

As your guests arrive at the venue, have them fill out a slot on a blank family tree so they can see where they fit in to the grand scheme of everyone at the reunion. The younger generation will find this really helpful when trying to remember how they’re related to “Uncle George.”

5) Share Your Family’s History

Spend time talking about the path your family took to get to this reunion place. How did they come to the country? When? What convinced them that this is where they wanted to be? All of these questions are important and help shed light on your family’s history. They will also give everyone a deeper appreciation for where they came from. It’s really hard to get that on social media.

6) Photo Time

After all, today’s world is dominated by social media and primarily photo sharing. Get in on the action by taking lots of memorable photos that can be shared and liked across your preferred platform. Create a hashtag for the event and encourage everyone of all ages to engage, even if they’re uncomfortable and don’t know what a hashtag is. This electronic log of your family reunion is a great way to look back on the memories and will help keep everyone connected until the next get together.

Family reunions can be a lot of fun and a great time to reconnect with people who may be faint memories. Social media can be fun, but remember that first word – social. Getting together, face to face, with other people gives us something unique to share on social media. So use this launch point to plan a fantastic family reunion that everyone will enjoy.