The Pros and Cons of An Outdoor Wedding

So, you’ve found the one. Once the excitement of the engagement is over, now comes the time to begin the dizzying process of actually planning. It’s a ton of work and can be frustrating but realizing your dream wedding will make it all worth it. Years from now, when you look back at pictures, you won’t think of all the work that went in to it. You’ll gleefully remember the beauty and joy you and your loved ones shared that day. One of the first major decisions you will have to make is the venue. Once you get that locked down you can start arranging all the other pieces. When you envision the perfect venue, what do you see? If the answer is an outdoor venue surrounded by nature, you’re in luck. We are here to help walk you through the decision by considering the pros and cons of an outdoor wedding.

The Pros and Cons of An Outdoor Wedding


Scenery: If you’re even remotely outdoorsy, it is impossible to deny the majestic beauty offered by natural landscapes. Whether you are overlooking a pond at sunset or surrounded by gorgeous oak trees, there is something special about being outside. Your wedding photos will be spectacular and most of the decorations are done for you!

Less Worry About Guest Lists: A huge upside to an outdoor wedding is that there is significantly less restriction on the number of guests who can attend. You won’t be limited by fixed seating arrangements or pews, so you can invite people to your heart’s content. No more stress about who to include on your list.

Fewer Interruptions: We’ve all been to a wedding where a crying baby or restless toddler disrupted the ceremony. While we all have grace and patience in these situations, why not plan a wedding that minimizes that risk? Outdoors you won’t have to worry about any of those. A little extra noise will be blown away by the wind and kids have room to stretch out and release their energy.

The Pros and Cons of An Outdoor Wedding


Inclement weather: The biggest downside to an outdoor wedding is the potential for inclement weather. Because venues are booked months in advance, it is impossible to predict the weather on the day of the event. This means, should you choose an outdoor wedding, you will have to have a backup plan. Freak thunderstorms, wind storms, and heatwaves are real possibilities and you have to be ok with your perfect outdoor wedding being challenged by mother nature. (Spoiler alert – mother nature wins.)

Bugs: It’s their home too, and we are guests in their home. Bugs and other pests present possible complications for your dream knot-tying day. Depending on the time of year and location, mosquitos, June bugs, lovebugs, and other little pests may put a damper on the occasion, but not to worry. You can solve these problems to an extent with torches and bug spray, but understand that it could happen.

Potential for Bad Lighting: Although this could be a pro (it’s no secret that natural light is fantastic for photographs), there is also potential for a real downside here. Indoors you have a controlled environment where lighting engineers have set up the best possible environment for photos. Outdoors you rely on the sunshine. And photos at the golden hour can be fantastic, but what happens if the golden hour is interrupted by clouds or fog? Photographers are creative people and usually still manage to turn lemons into lemonade but be prepared that all your photos (or those your guests shoot) may not turn out.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours and there are pros and cons to every decision. Whether you choose an outdoor wedding, or an indoor venue, you will have a memory to cherish forever, so there really is no wrong decision. It is your day, and no matter what you choose, that day will be unique and yours forever. Make your decision and go forward with confidence.

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