Voice of your peers  


Whether you are part of a small group or a large one, the individual experience of your hunt is one to remember. Kay Brooks was part of the Texana Tank Company group hunt. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“Thank you all for being such fantastic host. Y’all did an outstanding job in taking care of all of us. God bless you all.”

Thank you Kay! It was a pleasure serving you and your team on your group hunt!

Group Hunts

Experience for the ages

Experience a hunt for the ages with your company or other group. While everyone experiences the hunt together, each individual member can select the hunt of their choice. Exotic to native…if you want to hunt it, at Pogue Ranch you can. From 2 people to 60, from an overnight to a multi-day retreat…make hunting a cornerstone of your group experience.

Its the little things

Not all hunts are created equally. With so many little things that go into a great hunting experience outside the animals (feeding, stand placement, local land knowledge, and more), it’s all the difference to have an expert guide, great food, and 5 star ranch accommodations… including a comfortable bed. And for those who want to compliment their hunt with other ranch activities, click here to see “activities”. Want to discuss your hunt options with your guide? Scroll on to connect with Joe.


book your hunt 


Ready to book your group hunt? Or at least ready to have a conversation? You will be best served if you have some idea about the following things…

  1. Number of people in your group

  2. Two to three dates for your event

  3. Types of animals you want to hunt

Call Joe @ 903.229.8954 or click on the button below.